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Experience The Magic!

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We’ve built a few immersive games and escape rooms in our time but when clients Monkey Barrel Comedy approached us about creating a Harry Potter inspired experience for their award-winning Edinburgh comedy venue we jumped at the opportunity.

Designing, building and installing escape rooms requires a number of skills across many different disciplines. From creativity and organisational skills to electrical engineering and scenic finishing, this project has pulled together our fantastic team of talented individuals to create a truly immersive experience under the direction of our project manager, James.

The Department of Mysteries is much more than just an escape game; it’s an enchanting experience inspired by the magic of Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons and other similar worlds of fantasy. Teams are challenged to solve a series of spellbinding puzzles, riddles and clues in order to collect prophecies and battle with dark forces to save the wizardly world.

Also tasked with creating a themed bar within the overall space, we designed the mystical Three Cauldrons Tavern which immerses visitors in the magic and extends the experience beyond the game itself.

Escape games have seen a steady rise in popularity over the past seven years and have more recently been adopted by brands as a form of experiential marketing. Last month, Coors Light launched The Challenge Rooms in Ireland, a pop-up game which takes players to the Rocky Mountains where an avalanche has hit their Thermal Research Facility. We are often approached by clients who are looking for a one-off event for a conference or for employee team building and escape game challenges, no matter how big or small, can fit the bill perfectly.

If the initial public reaction to the Department of Mysteries is anything to go by, it’s set to be a great success. Sold out for the first few months of opening and with over 250 bookings and £30,000 in sales taken before opening, we’re really proud of our latest project and hope that visitors enjoy the experience as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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