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Level up your brand with an immersive experience

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Here at Boundless Workshop, we’re seeing more and more brands create immersive experiences for their customers, whether it’s to raise awareness, to market a service/product or to add a new dimension to their offering. It’s a hot topic. 

But why are brands turning to immersive experiences? 

Get people talking 

It’s harder and harder for brands to reach people online as they fight for space with millions of other businesses in a small online space. Plus consumers are bored of being bombarded with ad after ad after ad. Know the feeling? We sure do. 

An immersive experience, on the ground, can do wonders for a consumer’s experience of your brand. If people enjoy it, they’ll talk about it online and face-to-face. Make it Instagram worthy and you’ve earned user-generated content promoting your brand. No need for paid ads, just authentic user experience. That’s great for marketing and brand awareness. 

Did you see the XXXX escape game in XXX shopping centre? A great way to raise brand awareness! 

Give a snapshot of your brand

Great immersive experiences give consumers an insight into your brand, what it might be like to purchase your product or visit again. There’s no hard sell. There’s no advert following you around the internet like a bad smell. Ultimately you’re inviting people to experience your brand, to get a taste of what it might be like. In return, you’re delivering a fantastic experience that the consumer will speak about for days, weeks, maybe even months to come.  Get it right and it’s a win win. 

It’s fun

Too many of us sit at the same desk in the same office five days a week. We want experiences that are fun, that get us moving around and our brains thinking in different ways. What better way to do that an immersive experience? 

Delivering an immersive experience 

We’re no stranger to creating immersive experiences. Having built, run and sold our own escape game business, we now specialise in creating bespoke and tailored experiences for brands across the UK. 

Take our project with Elsevier for example. They’re running a worldwide competition that will see the winners jetted to London for an immersive experience. The brand are publishers of medical books and so our brief was to create an immersive medical-themed escape room. Now that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s been designed for doctors and nurses and brings a fun twist to an already exciting experience.

By running a worldwide competition, they’ve been able to build brand awareness, reach new audiences and show a different side to their usual offering. To fit their budget, we’ve created a range of stand-alone puzzles that can be used again and again, are easily transportable and fun for the target audience. Take a look at some of our work in the photographs below: 

Creating your immersive experience

Creating an immersive experience doesn’t need to cost your brand the earth. Whether it’s medicine, cybersecurity or finance – we can help create a bespoke experience that will get your customers talking for all the right reasons. Get in touch by email on and let us know your brief. We’re happy to organise a phone call to discuss possibilities and go from there.

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