Crieff trail help

We’re sorry to see that you’re needing some help on the trail but hopefully the FAQ’s will help you below:

I can’t find the first bauble!

You’re looking for a wooden bauble which is about 15cm in size and have an elf’s name engraved on it. The first one is located just below the roof of the bell which is in the small structure in between the road and the track when you turn left out of the main reception.

Where do I go after that?

Ok, now you know what you’re looking for, head along the track – you’re heading to ‘Base Camp’. It’s about a 20 minute walk and there are more baubles along the way. The baubles will be located just off the paths so wear sturdy shoes and when you get to the rough location, you may need to walk a few meters off the path on either side to find the bauble.


Bauble two – this is mounted on the wooden beams behind the bench as you walk up the hill

Bauble three – this is hidden on a tree stump just before you get to the bin on your left as path curves around to the right

Bauble four – Look up high for this one as it’s attached to a tree branch as you walk along the track

Bauble five – As you get to the fountain, sneak up behind it on the bank and you should find this bauble mounted to the tree stump

Bauble six – As you walk along the track, you’ll spot a red pole off to your left next to the shelter that some one has built. On one of the poles, you’ll find the bauble

Bauble seven – This bauble is hidden at the base of the tree just by the stream that you cross over. It’s round the back.

Bauble eight – This one is just up the bank on your right hand side when you see the dead tree lying on its side

Bauble nine – It should be easy to spot; mounted to the sign post at the end fo the track just before you cross the road

Bauble ten – This one is hanging in the window of the cafe where you would buy a hot chocolate from

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