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A magician themed escape room!

  • We have worked closely with Escape, the largest escape room provider in the UK on several projects and our latest game was this magician based game.

    The room centres around being part of the famed magicians show but when his grand finalé appears to have a more sinister twist the teams must race to solve the magical challenges ahead.

    Boundless Workshop developed the core puzzle elements for this game, including a special twist that makes for a tense last five minutes!

  • Client: Escape

    Game design: Escape

    Location: Undisclosed

Thales Interactive cyber security plinths

  • Thales and the NDEC in South Wales approached Boundless Workshop looking for a fun and interactive way to encourage young people to consider a career in cyber security.  Whagt we came up with was a totally unique set of four interactive plinths, each of which focussed on a different element or skill.

    The four plinths were:

    • Signal Boost – A 3D map of the Welsh valleys where teams need to locate a lost team member by positioning the satellites
    • Office Security – Teams take on the role of scanning the companies networks for suspicious activity.  When the system flags an issue to the teams they have to use all the available resources to decide if they should escalate or allow the threat.
    • Energetic Exercise – Teams need to work together and follow the rules of the electricity grid to successfully deliver all of the power requirements of the three towns on the board.
    • Network Training – The Welsh train network has been hacked and the teams need to take back control of the signal points before working together to navigate the trains safely back to the stations using the different switches and buttons.
  • Client: Thales and NDEC

    Game design: Boundless Workshop

    Budget: £25,000

Boundless Workshop have been fantastic from start to finish; managing the whole process for us from concept and design, to delivery and set-up. They have built some amazing games that are better than we imagined possible, and their experience allowed them to make practical suggestions to us, which meant all of our requirements were fulfilled. We will be using Boundless again in the future no doubt.

Official Dr. Who escape game

  • World’s Collide represented the first foray into escape games by the BBC and was led by Escape Hunt who desinged the room and approaches Boundless Workshop to be the key partner in the build.  One of the most impressive pieces in this room is the Time Engine which is a spectacular finalé piece for the room.  It consists of several RFID readers, smoke machines, lighting effects, audio and visuals.

  • Client: Escape Hunt in partnership with the BBC

    Game design: Escape Hunt

    Budget: £35,000

Vikings escape game

  • We were tasked with bringing Escape Hunt’s Viking quest to life with an immersive set design and highly detailed escape room puzzles.  Some of the more intricate parts of this escape room build included carved statues representing each of the Viking gods which had RFID tags embedded in their bases and this room even included building a Viking ship with hidden stores compartment in the deck.

  • Client: Escape Hunt

    Game design: Escape Hunt

    Budget: £30,000

Sherlock Holmes escape

  • In another partnership with Escape, the largest escape room provider in the UK, we have recently completed work on four flagship props for their latest exhilarating game, an adventure to solve an imminent murder with Sherlock Holmes himself!

    There’s a fascinating range of items to explore; mysterious hidden compartments, Victorian music makers, a tour of the world, and even a Victorian take on a one-armed bandit.

  • Client: Escape

    Game design: Boundless Workshop

    Budget: £16,000