The crank puzzle provides a fun and unique way to get players to enter a 3-digit code.  Once they crack the code they need to work together to input it into the device to release the attached maglock.  There are 4 main components to the puzzles:

  1. The light-up unit
  2. The crank
  3. A button
  4. A maglock

The faster players spin the crank they higher up the number scale the light will go and if they maintain a certain speed, that digit will remain lit.  If another player presses the button, whichever digit is illuminated at the time will be ‘saved’ and remain dimly lit whilst the team enters the remaining 2 digits of the code.  If they get the code correct and in the right order then the maglock will be released.  Should the team get a digit wrong then once three digits are input, the lights will fade off and it will reset.  Once the puzzle is complete, simply press and hold the button for 5 seconds to reset the whole puzzle ready for the next game.

In the video, the crank and mounting board are not painted to allow you to request a set colour which will be in keeping with your room theme.

The button will be provided on a 5-meter wire to allow you to place it away from the main unit itself, forcing players to communicate from different places to complete the challenge.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 30 cm

12v Maglock

Power requirement

12v input

Delivery lead time

This product will be dispatched within 3 working days from ordering. In this time we will paint the back unit and crank a colour of your choice.